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Life Groups

We're Better Together

It can be difficult to get to know people on a personal level. Our Life Groups provide an excellent opportunity to build relationships with our Church Family while growing in your relationship with God. Whether it’s through sermon discussion, serving with an Outreach Partner, or sharing a common interest, we encourage everyone to join a Life Group and begin growing in their relationship with God and His church.


Prayer Life Groups

Life Prayer Meeting

Pray for the needs of the church and the needs beyond every Friday night.

All are welcome!


Start: ongoing

When: Fridays | 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Where: in the Pastoral office

Contact: Cindy Grassis | 848.667.4095

Bible/Book Study Groups

Life Study

Book Study: The Book of Romans. An in depth, verse-by-verse, study of the book of Romans.

Start: ongoing

When: Wednesday Nights | 7pm - 8:30pm

Where: at the coffee bar 

Contact: Pastor Scott & Kevin Lombardi | 732.735.1508

20's & 30's:

Next Steps

12-week Biblical Foundations class for new believers covering the basics of the Christian faith.


Start: 2/6

When: Wednesday Nights | 7:15pm

Where: in the church office

Contact: Priscilla Wash | 908.616.2671

Come meet, eat & study. It's a potluck so bring your best dish.

Start: ongoing

When: 1st & 3rd Saturdays| 6:30pm 

Where: 220 Hamlin Rd. | North Brunswick, NJ 

Contact: Pastor Scott & Priscilla Walsh | 732.735.1508

Abiding In Christ

Living Faith & Grace

Abide in Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit. Bible study, potluck, fellowship.

Start: ongoing

When: 1st & 3rd Sundays | 5pm

Where: 85 Scotland Ave. | Edison, NJ

Contact: Bill & Mary Hughey | 732.777.0723

"Living your faith through God's grace: not by might, nor power, but by His Spirit."

Start: ongoing 

When: 2nd Wednesday | 7pm 

Where: 423 Begonia Ct. | Piscataway, NJ

Contact: Rose Vecchione | 908.720.4177

"Learning to Fellowship with God"

By, Larry Kreider

Be encouraged as we learn what it means to fellowship with God.


Start: 2/5

When: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays | 6:30pm

Where: 109 S. 14th Ave. | Manville, NJ

Contact: Dan & Allison Stefany | 732.822.9026

"Praying God's Word"

By, Beth Moore

Enjoy worship, praying through scripture & fellowship together.

Start: 2/22

When: last Friday | 7pm 

Where: rotating homes

Contact: Seymour & Tena Gifford | 908.414.1788

Marriage/Family Life Groups

"Staying Together"

By, Steve & Mary Prokopchak

"Staying Together"

By, Steve & Mary Prokopchak

Couples face daunting marriage statistics these days. Learn about solutions, applicable to your marriage.​

Start: 2/22

When: 4th Friday | 6:30pm

Where: 10-B Dennison Dr. | East Windsor, NJ

Contact: Jerry & Sue Evans | 908.432.0892

Couples face daunting marriage statistics these days. Learn about solutions, applicable to your marriage.​

Start: 2/22

When: 4th Friday | 7pm 

Where: 14 Susan Pl. | Edison, NJ

Contact: Mike & Chris Cosgrove | 732.986.2814

"Parenting Your Teens"

Mothers/Daughters, Circle of Grace

What does God's word say about parenting that will bless your family?

Start: 2/15

When: 3rd Friday | 7:15pm

Where: SS Room 1

Contact: Priscilla Walsh | 908.616.2671

For all ages, mothers & daughters, biological & spiritual.

Start: ongoing

When: 4th Wednesday | 7pm

Where: Life church 

Contact: Rose Vecchione | 908.720.4177

Women's Life Groups

Growing Women

"Paul- His Life & Teaching." Learn about Paul's love for God, his passion & dedication to the church, and his willingness to suffer for God.

Start: ongoing

When: 1st Saturday | 9:30am

Where: in the sanctuary

Contact: Priscilla Walsh | 908.616.2671

I & II Timothy & Titus:

"Healing the Soul of a Woman"

By, Joyce Meyer

When the apostle Paul wrote to his spiritual son, Timothy, he gave him the charge of exposing false teaching & bringing spiritual correction.

Start: 2/8

When: Fridays | 10am

Where: 220 Hamlin Rd. | North Brunswick, NJ

Contact: Priscilla walsh | 732.822.9026

Learn how to overcome your emotional wounds.

Start: 2/5

When: Tuesdays | 6:30pm

Where: Life Church

Contact: Jacquie Southgate & Dona Corraro | 732.917.1619

"Keep it Shut"

By, Karen Ehman

Walking Women

A study for 20's/30's: this book explores what the Bible says about the many ways to use our words for the betterment of ourselves & others.

Start: 2/5

When: Wednesdays | 7pm

Where: 6607 Shadow's Oak Ct. | Monmouth Junction, NJ

Contact: Kristen Coffaro | 732.427.5279

Walk, Stay in shape & have fun.

Weather permitting.

Start: ongoing

When: 3rd Saturday | 9am

Where: TBA

Contact: Sue Evans | 908.432.0892

Men's Life Groups

Men's Group

We will study "The Measure of a Man,"

By, Gene Getz. Connect, eat, learn.

Open to all men

Start: ongoing

When: 4th Tuesday | 6:30pm

Where: Life Church

Contact: Pastor Scott | 732.735.1508

Interest Life Groups

Financial Peace University

9-week video course by Dave Ramsey on God's perspective on finances. Kit is $100.

Start: 3/27

When: Wednesdays | 7pm

Where: youth room

Contact: Waldy Santos | 732.925.2145

"More Than Enough"

By, Dave Ramsey

Strategies for Financial Peace

This group will discuss ways to rise above paycheck living without sacrificing God's ways.

Start: 2/8

When: 2nd Friday | 7pm

Where: Panera Bread | East Windsor, NJ

Contact: Seymour & Tena Gifford | 908.414.1788

A planning, encouragement & support group to implement Dave Ramsey's principles of financial stewardship & achieve peace.

Start: TBA

When: Tuesdays | 6:30pm

Where: Life Church

Contact: Brian Walsh | 908.510.7089

Dinner Life Groups

Where's the Best Pizza?

Lunch After Church

Join us as we make this discovery together every month, enjoying great fellowship in the process.

Start: ongoing

When: 2nd Saturday | 5pm

Where: TBA

Contact: Mike & Chris Cosgrove | 732.986.2814

Are you new to Life Church? Enjoy lunch together after church& get to know some new friends. Kid's are welcome!

Start: ongoing

When: 3rd Sunday | 1pm

Where: TBA

Contact: Jerry & Sue Evans | 908.432.0892

40's Potluck Dinner

Bring your favorite dish & your kids for a fun get together, marrieds & singles.

When: Sunday 3/31 | 5pm

Where: 220 Hamlin Rd. | North Brunswick, NJ

Contact: Pastor Scott & Priscilla Walsh | 908.616.2671

Young Life Groups

"Teenagers are People"

By, Joyce Meyer

Girl's life group will study this book. Ages 12-18.

Start: 2/6

When: Wednesdays | 7pm

Where: Life Church

Contact: Tena Gifford | 908.414.1788

Bible/Book Study
Marriage/Family Life Groups
Young Life Groups

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