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Engage And Empower

Royal Rangers is a church based ministry for future men

Children are an invaluable part of our community - they are the future of our church! Our goal is to partner with parents in encouraging their children to grow in their relationships with God. It is our desire that each child comes to know Jesus in a very real way early in their lives and to build a foundation that will not be shaken.

Wednesday Night 7-8:30pm

Boys will be boys! They are God-designed to be assertive, competitive, and energetic. Royal Rangers is about hands-on adventure and side by side relationship building. Since it's inception in 1962, millions of boys in the United States and around the world have been guided through the ministry. Today, they are successful businessmen, public servants, pastors, church leaders, missionaries, etc.

Guidance, Discipline, Structure

Royal Rangers focuses on several methods that provide guidance, discipline, and structure.


Royal Rangers' success is attributed to its dedicated mentors, called commanders or group leaders, who lead the following groups:

RANGER KIDS: Lower Elementary (K-2)

DISCOVERY RANGERS: Upper Elementary (3-5)

ADVENTURE RANGERS: Middle School (6-8)

EXPEDITION RANGERS: High School (9-12)

Our Children's Ministry is staffed by caring volunteers who pray and work hard to create a loving and safe environment for your children.

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